, Derry, New Hampshire


August 22, 2013


Bigger is better

As Roy Scheider so aptly noted in the movie “Jaws,” when the shark shows his face, it’s time for a bigger boat.

At a Woodmont Commons hearing last week, Woodmont representative Ari Pollack channeled Scheider when describing the behemoth amount of information and paperwork he brings to Londonderry Planning Board meetings when it comes to the project.

“I think I might need a bigger bag,” Pollack said.

Engineer or exercise guru?

We’re not sure who was at the wheel of a white BMW seen on Interstate 89 the other day.

Likely the owner of the vanity plate “ITRAYNU” is a fitness expert, but maybe they’re a locomotive engineer.

It’s the win that counts

Maybe it was the heat of the moment or perhaps it was an effort to save face. Whatever the reason, we had a tough time finding out the final score of the annual softball match between Londonderry police officers and firefighters.

The police department managed to douse their firefighting brothers.

But no one seemed to remember the score.

Finally, fire Chief Darren O’Brien, whose team lost, gave his best guess: 27-20.

“At least that’s what I think we agreed on,” the new chief quipped.

The neighbors are watching

Londonderry police respond to a lot of citizen complaints, some of which seem hardly worth a phone call.

But vigilance must pay off, because the calls keep coming and police like residents to report suspicious behavior.

Last week, the log was peppered with complaints including these: “three kids heading toward an abandoned house;” “a loud group playing basketball outside;” and “a lot of dirt bikes in the woods” all made the list.

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