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April 18, 2013

Musquash shooting concerns still irk residents

LONDONDERRY — It’s not the usual hunting sounds that are the problem, it’s all about those who like to shoot for fun.

Town officials are still pondering how to handle continuing complaints from residents who hear target shooting in the Musquash Conservation Area.

Conservation Commission members were the latest to tackle the problem that continues to fire up residents who live close to the area and who are disturbed by the noise.

Commission member Mike Speltz said it has nothing to do with legal and responsible hunting.

“It’s all about the target shooting,” he said. “And, sooner or later, someone is going to get hurt.”

Complaints about gunfire are nothing new in town.

Residents have appeared before town boards previously, hoping something can be done to make the noise stop or at least be reduced.

Steve Homsey lives on Royal Lane. He told officials last fall that shooting makes him uneasy. The spring weather is making it worse.

“On a nice day, gunfire is heard,” he said. “Once the weather turns, it starts again.”

Officials say they can’t control anything that happens at the state’s Fish and Game site; it operates under state regulations. But, they say, they continue to take the concerns seriously

“We could do nothing with Fish and Game as a town,” Speltz said. “But that doesn’t stop people from out of town from coming to shoot at the Musquash.”

Londonderry police reported 27 complaints calls about shooting in the Musquash in the last few years and another 39 calls could be attributed to shooting complaints.

Police regularly patrol areas where shooting concerns are generated and watch for any dangerous activity.

Officials say most people are shooting in a responsible way, but there are those who take target practice a bit too far. That was people worried about stray bullets and where they may fall.

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