, Derry, New Hampshire


April 18, 2013


No contest here

There was no lack of support when it came time to name a Conservation Commission chairman, it was all for Margie.

Margie Ives received a huge round of support from her fellow commission members and will, once again, serve as chairman.

The motion to keep Ives on board was made by member Paul Doolittle, seconded by Paul Dionne and ...

“And I third,” Marianne Page called out.

Another member shouted, “Move the question,” and that was that. Ives said she was honored to serve again.

Toot toot?

A tan Suburban seen on Interstate 89 bore the N.H. vanity license plate “ROOTY.”

The owner might be an oral surgeon, the owner of a stump removal business or a big fan of Basement Jaxc.

Camera shy?

During a recent meeting, Derry Zoning Board of Adjustment Chairman Alan Virr reminded anyone who was a bit camera shy and didn’t want to be on television to kindly exit the building.

“If you don’t want to be on television, now is the time to make your escape,” Virr warned.

Role reversal

Londonderry police responded to Manchester-Boston Regional Airport Saturday for a report of a male TSA agent “feeling dizzy.”

It’s usually passengers whose heads spin with instructions to get through security checkpoints.

“No medical transport required,” the police log reported.

Do you suppose the agent had to remove his shoes?

America’s pastime hits North School

To honor this week’s National Library Week, North School in Londonderry took on a baseball theme, “Knock Your Sox Off!”

All week students enjoyed special events, including baseball trivia, dressing in a favorite team’s colors or logos, and hearing the official theme “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” to begin each day’s morning announcements.

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