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November 8, 2012

Whittemore elected to House District 5

Record-breaking voter turnout

LONDONDERRY — The people have spoken, voted and the results are in: One Democrat and six Republicans will represent Londonderry in House District 5.

Republican incumbents Al Baldasaro and David Lundgren tied for the most votes in District 5, pulling in 6,398 votes each.

They were closely followed by incumbents Betsy McKinney, 6,172; Robert Introne, 5,415; Sherman Packard, 5,321; Daniel Tamburello, 5307; and Democrat Lisa Whittemore, 5,261.

Incumbent Republican Frank Emiro lost his re-election bid, getting just 4,880 votes.

There was a record turnout and many people registered to vote at the polls. Assistant town moderator John Michels estimated more than 1,200 new voters registered on Election Day.

Londonderry has more than 16,400 registered voters, and the turnout was extremely high, with 80 percent of voters casting their ballots.

While the voter turnout was high, not all voters knew the ins and outs before it was time to vote.

“I’ve been getting phone calls like you wouldn’t believe,” Supervisor of the Checklist Geraldine VanGrevenhof said. “People were still wondering if they could register to vote on Monday and Tuesday.”

It was clear on Tuesday, people were still waiting to register to vote well after the polls closed.

Everyone waiting in line as of 8 p.m. on Election Day was able to cast a ballot, Town Council Chairman John Farrell said.

In addition, Town Clerk Meg Seymour said she had been receiving hundreds of absentee ballots, some arriving as late as Monday.

“We have more than 1,100 right now, they just keep coming,” she said Tuesday.

VanGrevenhof said she expected voter turnout to be much higher than it was for the primaries.

Steve D’Esopo, poll volunteer, said the majority of people walking up to the affidavit table were just looking for information.

He said there was no major outcry over the Voter ID law.

“Most people just said they forgot their ID,” D’Esopo said.

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