, Derry, New Hampshire


October 4, 2012

Editorial: Another ugly bug invades our space

First came spring and the ticks, bearers of Lyme disease and destroyers of worry-free walks in the woods or fields

Then the mosquitoes in summer’s heat, carrying the potentially deadly West Nile and Eastern Equine Encephalitis viruses and forcing people to change their outdoor habits.

Now with fall comes the stink bug. It is invading local homes in unusual numbers, looking for a cozy crack or cranny nook to spend the winter.

Say this for the stink bug, though: At least it’s not a threat to humans.

The bug it is certainly an unwelcome house guest.

The stink bug is a brownish, spindly legged bug with a shield-shaped body, about three quarters of an inch long. When threatened or squished, it emits an odor that has been compared to the smell of sweaty socks -- or cilantro.

Maureen Heard of Derry said in the past she might see one stink bug in her home in a year. Now she finds several a day, though she takes steps to try to keep them out of her home.

“I noticed one in my shower, then I started seeing them in the corners of my room,” Heard told reporter Julie Huss. (See story on page 1.)

Larry Johnson, the owner of Absolute Pest Management in Derry. said he is fielding more calls from homeowners about the pests. “They are very bad,” he said.

While they don’t do any damage to your home, “they get into everything,” he added.

The most common advice for keeping the pests at bay is to seal cracks around doors and windows and repair or replace damaged screens.

If they do avoid your defenses, you can find instructions online about how to make a stink bug trap.

There are several varieties of the bug.

One is the brown marmorated (for its marbleized shell). A native of the Far East, it has been in the United States for at least 15 years. It has since been found in more than 30 states, including New Hampshire and Massachusetts. This variety is especially damaging to crops — it will eat anything that fruits.

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