, Derry, New Hampshire


May 22, 2014


Spellcheck to the front

One vanity license plate made it all the way to the state Supreme Court.

Here’s one that should have been stopped by the spelling police: “BELEIVE.”

It was spotted on Route 102 in Londonderry on a black Kia Sorrento.

“BELIEVE” was already taken; we checked.

Stormy weather

A sign at one of Derry’s most popular ice cream stops gave insight into what might happen if frosty fans enjoy ice cream on a stormy day at Moo’s Ice Cream on Crystal Avenue.

The sign read: “Noreaster Moo’s ... a perfect storm.”

They are floored

For Londonderry Lions Club members, having a new hall floor is something special.

During the club’s yard sale May 17, visitors were invited to step inside the hall to see the new floor the town installed.

The hall is one of the town’s most historic buildings and now the Lions call it home.

Perennial support

The Derry Garden Club held its annual plant sale May 17 at the Masonic Lodge in Derry.

Plants came from many members’ own gardens, as well as gardens around town where residents offered their own perennials to sell.

Club member Corinne Safron said some plants that remained unsold after the sale would get new life in front of the lodge on East Broadway.

Check out Londonderry?

A N.H. vanity plate was spotted recently on Interstate 91 in Vermont.

A green Toyota Yaris boasted this plate: “TRYLON.”

We’re mystified. A telecommunications provider employee? A modernistic structure from the New York World’s Fair in 1939?

Maybe the owner is suggesting people “try Londonderry,” but had to be brief.

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