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May 15, 2014

Londonderry Town Common sparks debate

LONDONDERRY — Some want the space to be more vibrant, family-friendly and more developed.

Others are sticking to their guns and want it to remain the way it is.

There are varying opinions when it comes to the Town Common and what its future might hold.

Town councilors last week spent time talking about the Town Common and what would be best for Londonderry’s central space.

The updated town Master Plan includes information and potential scenarios as to what could eventually happen around the Common. Currently, there is a bandstand, historical markers, the town forest and trails.

The most recent Master Plan was completed last fall and now an implementation committee is in place to work on some of the plan’s proposals and details.

Town Council Chairman Tom Dolan asked his fellow councilors to review the plan’s information on the Town Common and offer their feedback at a future meeting.

Dolan said a lot of good energy went into the Master Plan work. He said what is proposed for the Town Common is something to consider.

“We could find a way to support it as a goal,” Dolan said, “and how we move forward with this initiative.”

But not everyone was on board.

Councilor John Farrell asked what the specific initiative for the Town Common would be. Since the Master Plan is only a planning document, he wanted to know if the town should be funding any of its proposed plans.

Both Town Manager Kevin Smith and Councilor Joe Green sit on the Master Plan Implementation Committee. Smith said the Town Common is a priority.

“It’s one of the first things we are looking at as a committee,” he said.

Green said the Master Plan is a conceptual document only and a lot of work went into its creation.

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