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May 1, 2014

Taylor Library budget still concerns Town Council

Town Council chairman moves to eliminate library's budget

DERRY — It was like living last year all over again and the final result could mean the end of a long era.

Taylor Library officials were caught off guard again this year as one town councilor made a motion during a recent budget workshop to zero fund the tiny East Derry facility.

Town Council Chairman Mark Osborne made a motion to zero fund the library, but councilors eventually voted, 4-3, to maintain the library’s proposed $187,189 budget for next year.

Osborne, Councilors Michael Fairbanks and Al Dimmock voted against funding Taylor Library. But Town Councilors Phyllis Katsakiories, Tom Cardon , Joshua Bourdon and Dave Fischer supported the library.

A public hearing on the town budget was scheduled for this week. Councilors could still revisit the library budget issue and make further decisions on its fate.

A similar Taylor request came last year when then Town Administrator John Anderson suggested zero funding the library as part of the fiscal year 2014 budget.

That led to weeks of concerns and comments from library supporters, a petition drive and children presenting drawings to the Town Council, urging them to keep the library open. Councilors eventually voted last year to save the library.

This year, the topic came back after Taylor officials presented their budget information.

Longtime library director Linda Merrill said she was blindsided once again and was still not comfortable about what could still transpire this year.

“I lost 10 years of my life,” she said.

Supporters once again spoke out to help keep Taylor Library open.

Marge Palmer, a former Taylor Library director, spoke to councilors at a recent meeting. She said the library has waited in line for its turn to reap town benefits and be considered for expansion. A formal expansion plan was once created to make the library larger, but that never happened.

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