, Derry, New Hampshire

April 24, 2013


Derry News

---- — Happy to be alive

A red Ford Ranger, with an obviously appreciative driver at the wheel , was spotted on Interstate 89 with a New Hampshire vanity license plate, "AHLIFE."

Turkey trot

Londonderry Planning Board vice chairman Mary Wing Soares was a bit late for the April 10 meeting, due to some fowl play.

"I am late," she told fellow officials. "I was stopped by a flock of turkeys crossing Gilcreast Road."

One lucky cop

A Londonderry resident called police April 14 to report "a skunk wandering around" near Mammoth Road and Buckthorn Street.

Fortunately for the responding officer, (s)he "could not locate."

Expect to see more than a few in the weeks ahead.

Young at heart

During a recent birthday party to honor Derry resident Louise Audette's 100th birthday, Audette's sister Ruthlee Root, 90, said it's often tough to keep up with her older sibling.

But Root is also not one to be kept down. She is known to take out her kayak on Beaver Lake and make early morning rooster calls to her lakeside neighbors.

Animal alerts

Derry police had a few animal complaints last week, according to the log. There were loose dogs, a dog bite, even a dog fight. There was a cat bite and a loose horse.

But proof that Derry hasn't lost its agricultural roots came first from Perley Road Sunday morning. The complaint was "loose pig." The response? "Services rendered."

Sunday afternoon brought a call about "goats in the road" at Frost and South Range Roads.

The solution this time? "Owner located and situation rectified."