, Derry, New Hampshire


July 18, 2013

Coyote spotted on Upstone Lane near school


Backyard bird feeders also attract the smaller animals that coyotes may be attracted to.

Derry police Capt. Vernon Thomas said there is a population of coyotes living in Derry, reported in different areas of town.

“There have been sightings,” he said, “and (you hear them) howl at night.”

One animal was hit and killed by a car recently, he said.

Thomas said there is currently no heightened awareness in town when dealing with coyotes. It’s just about common sense and being safe.

Dobrinski said she will keep her children a bit closer to home —probably no more outdoor sleepovers anytime soon.

Anyone with concerns can contact Derry Police at 432-6111 or the N.H. Fish and Game Wildlife Division at 271-2461.

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