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July 3, 2014

Derry intersection finally on state fix-it list

Residents have pushed for improvements at this intersection in Derry for years

DERRY — The intersection of Kilrea and Windham Depot Roads is notorious for all the wrong reasons.

Nearby residents have often spoken out at town meetings about dangers at that site. The intersection has been on the state’s radar as a dangerous spot in need of upgrades and improvements.

Rep. Brian Chirichiello, R-Derry, sits on the House of Representatives Transportation Committee.

In his years serving on various town boards and committees, Chirichiello said, he has seen the intersection plan stalled many times.

Now, he said, the project is back on the list and that’s a good thing.

“It’s been a very long time coming,” Chirichiello said, “at least 10 years in the making.”

Work will include the installation of a traffic light and turning lane improvements. There will be designated left-turn lanes heading both north and south on Route 28 at the Kilrea and Windham Depot intersection.

The intersection has been on the state’s list for many years since residents began a campaign to have the spot looked at, citing dangerous situations and traffic snarls.

Residents spoke out at meetings for several years about how dangerous the intersection is and how many crashes have occurred over the years, due to speed and the incline.

The state had plans to improve the intersection years ago, but funding cuts knocked the project off the Department of Transportation’s extended plan for priority projects and the project was put on hold.

State reports dating back many years cited the intersection as “problematic,” with a significant crash history.

It was also stated at that time the project might qualify for specialized Highway Safety Improvement Funds.

Chirichiello said the state had the project on its 10-year plan, but it got knocked off and put on the back burner due to a lack of funding.

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