, Derry, New Hampshire

January 10, 2013


Derry News

---- — Plugging the ‘plunge’

The Londonderry police log often is a source of Spectator fodder (see below). From animal calls to customers stuck inside car washes, it offers quirky bits of news to brighten the day.

On Monday, Lt. Tim Jones, who often sends the log with the closing, “Be safe, be professional,” added a fundraising plug.

We decided it was worthy of note and front-page placement for a good cause.

When sending the log, Jones noted, “It is a bit boring; however, on a brighter note, maybe you guys can support the Special Olympics by donating to my fundraising page so I can jump into the Atlantic Ocean next month. Any donation you can spare would be awesome. SONH is an outstanding organization and your donations help to put big smiles on special people’s faces.”

Shameless marketing? Perhaps, but all to benefit the Special Olympics of New Hampshire and bolster Jones’s fundraising efforts in his fourth Penguin Plunge.

Want to help Jones make his goal? Visit

Quacking up

Londonderry police received a call last week about an irate duck.

Someone called from Hall Road to report an “aggressive” duck, hiding under her car.

The duck reportedly kept quacking and coming after the caller.

Dispatch handled the call.

“Caller was given some options. Advised to call back if she needed any further assistance,” the log read.

No need for alarm

A high school physics teacher decided to be proactive before calls about suspicious activity flooded police dispatch.

Last week, the teacher alerted Londonderry police that students would be collecting data with a suitcase that appears to be made out of aluminum and has an antenna.

The data collection will continue until April, but the “suitcase” will never be left unattended, the teacher said.

Choices, choices

A local salon asked people to decide on how they may want to spend these cold, snowy evenings.

A sign at the Water’s Edge salon on East Broadway in Derry gave the choice: “Massage ... or shovel? Hmmmm ...”

Staying sharp

After new Derry police Officer Raul Rivera was sworn in by police Chief Edward Garone, his wife, Aggie, was asked to come forward and pin the police badge on her husband’s uniform.

“Did you practice?” Garone asked Rivera as she held the badge with the sharp pin.

“No, and I just looked at that needle,” she said.