, Derry, New Hampshire


December 27, 2012


Special delivery

One of Londonderry’s newest residents made a big entrance on Dec. 17.

Little Mac Holleren was born in the back of a town ambulance after his mother went into labor rather quickly.

Town Council Chairman John Farrell called the birth a special “holiday miracle.”

Technology rules

With so much technology in the world today, Londonderry town councilors made use of one popular way to communicate during a recent budget hearing.

John Farrell received regular text messages from resident Mary Wing Soares during the hearing. He relayed her questions on the budget to the proper person for an answer.

Season’s greetings

The Derry Town Council traditionally does its roll call with members sending out a “good evening” after their name is called.

At the meeting Dec. 18, Councilor Joel Olbricht bucked tradition and sent out a “happy holidays” once his name was called. Councilor Phyllis Katsakiores followed suit with her own seasonal “Merry Christmas.”

Moments of silence

Both Londonderry and Derry Town Councils spent a few silent moments prior to their latest meetings to honor the victims of Newtown, Conn., and first responders to the tragedy.

“We pray for all those involved,” Derry Town Council Chairman Brad Benson said.

Wily coyote

Londonderry police received a call from a homeowner on Willow Lane last week with a wildlife problem.

The caller reported there was an injured deer in his back yard — and a coyote was circling the hurt animal.

The homeowner asked for an officer to respond and put the deer out of its misery.

Police responded, but reported the deer, which appeared to have a broken leg, left the area under its own power. No word on what happened to the coyote.

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