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December 27, 2012

Londonderry news in review


Local dogs may have their day

The town’s dog park committee worked hard this year to find land and create a space for the local canines to play and roam.

In October, committee chairman Dottie Grover said the plans were moving along and support was strong in the community for Londonderry to have its own dog park.

As the year moved on, property on Sanborn Road was eyed for a possible dog park location.

But the Town Council put its bet on that same land for use by the Elder Affairs Committee at a later date.

Other land locations are still being considered for a possible dog park.

Committee members said the goal was to have a new park be either no burden or a very low burden to Londonderry taxpayers.

“We are hoping a wonderful philanthropist will make a donation of land,” Cindy Eaton said. “We really don’t want to burden the taxpayers of Londonderry. That’s our number one goal.”

The committee has visited dog parks in other communities including Derry, Dover and Portsmouth to make sure the Londonderry plan falls into place for what residents ... and their dogs ... want and need.

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