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December 27, 2012

Londonderry news in review


“It’s nothing short of miraculous,” Gerald Gulezian said. “We had water pumps, generators, flashlights and batteries at the ready. We needed none of it.”

Town manager job in flux

As one town manager left, a familiar face filled the post on an interim basis.

David Caron resigned as Londonderry’s town manager in July. He served the town since 2003 and made his exit after being granted a personal family leave earlier in the summer.

A town impact fee snafu also added to possible reasons for Caron’s departure.

“During that time, it became apparent to Mr. Caron and the council that the combination of the Caron family emergency and the town’s pressing business, including the impact fees situation, has rendered its advisable for Mr. Caron and the town to sever their relationship,” Town Council Chairman John Farrell said when Caron’s resignation was accepted.

Farrell said it was a “joint decision” to cut ties with Caron.

Police Chief William Hart became the interim manager and is still serving in that role until a new manager is hired.

After Caron left, Hart announced the town would refund more than $1.2 million in impact fees to developers and property owners.

Some of the money was collected in error and some was not used within the six years as required.

Farrell said owners of 25 town properties would receive at least $5,000 in impact fee money. Another 400 landowners will get refunds of less than $5,000.

More than $1 million of the approximately $1.2 million owed in fees was in an escrow account, Farrell said. The remainder came from a town surplus account.

Farrell said this year that no blame was put directly on Caron. Since Hart was put in place as the interim manager, he’s made some changes in town accounting and record-keeping.

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