, Derry, New Hampshire


October 3, 2013


Trials of technology

Londonderry resident Reed Clark often makes remarks at public meetings about agenda items or news in town.

At a Londonderry Town Council meeting Sept. 23, after a brief discussion about the town’s new Twitter and Facebook accounts, Clark had something to say.

“I’ve spent 37 years in the State Department and all we had were telephones and telegraphs,” Clark said. “We got along fine with just that. Why did they invent the computer?”

Who’s on first?

Every fall, a contingent of Chinese students arrives at Pinkerton Academy for a visit.

It’s part of a 10-year exchange program between the Derry high school and the Tenggu School in Tianjin.

During every visit, the Chinese students also get a taste of American life, including playing wiffle ball with their American counterparts.

“You should have seen the four players all on third base and they all ran home at once,” Pinkerton teacher Tom Weatherby said.

Leaf it to Brownell

The Brownell Insurance office in Derry offered a fall foliage perk when it comes to buying insurance.

The company’s exterior sign reads, “Our quotes will leaf you speechless.”

Lost, found, lost, found

A tiny, 5-pound Maltese is still waiting for owners to come find him.

The male dog got loose from an outdoor kennel in Londonderry late last week, then was in the Londonderry Police kennel, but found a way to escape. He’s now back safe and secure at the police department.

“He slipped through the cracks, so to speak,” Animal Control officer Michael Bennett said. “He’s only 5 pounds, but he’s back now.”

Anyone having information on the dog should call Londonderry Police at 432-1138.

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