, Derry, New Hampshire

September 19, 2013

Kitchen Upkeep: The most popular place in the home requires special attention

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---- — So much of life happens in the kitchen. From hurried morning breakfasts to after school snacks with the kids, the kitchen is likely to be the most traveled room of the home.

Unfortunately, all this activity in one room can cause many messes and require lots of upkeep. By following a few simple steps, you can keep this important space tidy, clean and smelling great.

Here are some simple tips to keep your kitchen clean and inviting:

Add Some Citrus

Does your garbage disposal have an uninviting stench? Here’s one simple solution: Use orange or lemon peels to freshen the drain or disposal. Simply run cool water from your faucet, turn on the disposal, throw in the peels and take in the fresh citrus scent. This is a perfect way to use old fruit that is no longer good enough to eat.

Keep Up With Counter Tops

The kitchen counter top is the easiest place to collect a mess, so it’s important to keep it tidy. Because so many counter tops are made with fine woods, stone and other specialty materials, it is important to know what cleaning products you can use on them so they keep their beautiful appearance.

In general, avoid abrasive cleaners and never use steel wool or other harsh brushes that can scratch the surface. Invest in protectors such as trivets for hot cookware, or trays for oil bottles and other cooking items that are permanently kept on the counter top.

Love Your Oven

Ovens are often the most neglected appliance in the kitchen. Open them up to find baked-on spills, burnt-on food, and splatters covering the exterior. Be sure you’re giving your oven the maintenance it needs by cleaning it at least once each season.

Whether you’re using a homemade cleaning concoction or a heavy-duty store-bought brand, it is important to scour every nook and cranny. Also, give attention to the range top and ensure all extra food debris has been removed and cleaned.