, Derry, New Hampshire


February 7, 2013


Well, excuuuuse me. ...

A silver Kia was seen traveling through downtown Derry recently. The driver quite possibly was channeling a famed phrase from comedian Steve Martin with the license plate “XCUZME.”

Let him eat cake

During a recent Derry Planning Board meeting, members were trying to plan their next meeting. One member chimed in to say he wouldn’t be able to make one selected date, most likely due to some serious cake eating time.

“I can’t come, that’s my birthday,” Frank Bartkiewicz said.

Cloning for

a good cause

As Derry planners heard input from residents opposing proposed zoning changes on Rockingham Road, one Planning Board member made a good impression with one resident after saying he might also oppose some of the plans.

After board member Darrell Park noted he may not agree with all the information in the zoning changes, Dr. Tim Butterfield asked Park if he could get a swab of his cheek.

“And then can we clone you?” Butterfield asked.

The veterinarian hoped more planners might also change their mind about some of the zoning changes.

No golf carts

after midnight

Londonderry police were called out at 2 a.m. Saturday for a noise complaint on Sara Beth Lane.

The caller reported loud music, some yelling and “a golf cart peeling out.”

Police responded and discovered there were no minors involved in the partying. The guilty parties agreed to turn the music down. No mention was made of whether the golf cart was parked for the night.

If not you, then who?

A Honda Accord spotted on Route 102 sported the vanity license plate “KNOT-ME.”

Could it be a macrame enthusiast? A fisherman with nets to repair? Or maybe just someone who wants it to be anyone but them.

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