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April 11, 2013

East Derry library may be on chopping block

Taylor Library could be on chopping block


“I enjoy every day I come to work,” she said. “It’s not like a job, it’s family. It would be a loss to the town and a loss to us, too.”

The seven-member Town Council is scheduled to hear more about Taylor’s proposed $176,600 budget for next year at a budget review workshop on April 30. A public hearing on all budget items is scheduled for May 2.

Anderson held off making any comments.

“I will respond to all these questions during the budget hearing,” he said.

Councilor Brad Benson said nothing is a done deal.

“Just because it’s in the budget book doesn’t mean it will be voted upon,” he said. “I don’t believe there is much support for the closing of the library.”

Councilor Tom Cardon said he has heard from many people who support the library.

“There has been an overwhelming support to keep the library open,” he said. “It wasn’t people just saying they want to keep the library open. They all had stories about their experiences at the library. They talked about mothers, grandmothers, special moments and memories. It was all very personal and important to them.”

Councilor Mark Osborne said once budget season moves forward, the group will give “due diligence” to the Taylor issue.

“We fully intend to be diligent in pursuing all avenues,” he said.

Merrill can’t imagine life without the library.

“It would mean the end of a gem in East Derry,” she said. “There will be no little library on the hill.”

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