, Derry, New Hampshire


April 11, 2013

Derry councilors still spar over gifting issue


“The iPad issue is bothering them,” he said.

Councilor Phyllis Katsakiores said hardly anyone has complained to her and she has lived in town a very long time.

“I’m all over town,” she said. “Not one person came up to me to say they had a problem with the iPad. I had one phone call and that was it.”

Councilor Neil Wetherbee blocked Osborne’s motion with a charter objection because he didn’t know if the town had the authority to ask for the iPad’s return.

Asking for a legal opinion would end up costing more than the iPad, officials said.

Osborne did not drop his motion and Wetherbee’s charter objection remained on the table.

The council eventually voted to do away with gifts to departing councilors. But Benson, Wetherbee and Katsakiores all abstained from the vote.

Councilors Al Dimmock, Michael Fairbanks, Tom Cardon and Osborne all voted in favor of the motion to stop giving departing councilors gifts.

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