, Derry, New Hampshire


March 27, 2014

Letters to the editor


Michael Gendron


Something doesn’t smell right in Derry

To the editor:

It just doesn’t smell right.

You know when something just doesn’t smell right that something bad is about to happen. Months ago, I emailed the whole Derry Town Council and told them that I heard a rumor that Kevin Coyle wanted to be our next town administrator and that they better think seriously about not putting Coyle in that position.

I then provided a link about the recent hiring of Bedford’s newly hired administrator and his superior qualifications. I recommended they hire someone with similar background and experience. Why my concern? Well, I know that Coyle is good friends with many of the sitting councilors and would be able to “sway” his friends. We already know he meets regularly with Councilor Osborne mostly at a local Mexican restaurant usually right after council meetings. There, Kevin gives instructions to his friend on town business.

Then at the council meeting of March 18, I spoke at a public forum in which I asked about a secret meeting between Derry councilors and the town of Londonderrys’ town manager and councilor chairman there. Osborne did admit that he and Dimmock did in fact meet with Londonderry officials and was there to see how things were going in Londonderry. (I also believe these two councilors went on their own and without the rest of the council knowing which is problematic.)

I surmise that they went to Londonderry to see how they hired someone with little or no experience in public administration because they already are working on getting Coyle the $125,000 top job and will point to our sister town as a way to justify their pick. It’s ironic that now these two councilors are now chairman and chairman pro-tem.

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