, Derry, New Hampshire


January 2, 2014


‘Howl’iday wishes

Handel With Care veterinary center in Derry offered its unique take on some seasonal cheer recently.

The center’s front sign stated: “Wishing Everyone a Meow-y Howl-iday!”

Mixing up the holidays

It’s a sure sign of a busy catering season when major appliances are seen being wheeled down the street.

Last week, one local churchgoer noted a large, industrial mixer being wheeled out of Rig-A-Tony’s and around the corner en route to a food gig.

Santa pays a visit

As Londonderry senior citizens got ready to say goodbye recently to their temporary home at the Lions Hall on Mammoth Road, Santa Claus paid a last-minute visit to wish them well.

Seniors had been spending time at the Lions’ space while the senior center underwent some major painting and roof repairs.

Smashing good time

It’s a ritual for Derry Zoning Board Chairman Alan Virr to request anyone attending a meeting to make sure cell phones don’t cause a ruckus during proceedings, asking people to turn off phones or silence the ring.

“Or just smash it with a hammer,” Virr said at a recent meeting.

May I have an R?

A blue Odyssey with New Hampshire vanity plates was spotted on Route 213, south of the border, recently.

But it was heading north, with an obvious purpose to the trip.

The vanity license plate read: SKICAH.

Scrooge at the wheel?

The owner of a maroon Jeep may have needed an infusion of holiday spirit.

The vehicle, spotted in Massachusetts recently, bore this vanity N.H. plate: IOU-ZIP.

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