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December 26, 2013

Londonderry police expand wardrobe

LONDONDERRY Police will add another look to their uniform closet.

Officers will get a uniform change to accompany other more formal uniforms at the department.

That, according to police Chief William Hart, will bring a more comfortable look to the force to go along the established dress uniforms and attire.

Hart modeled the new uniform before the Town Council recently and said the new look, known as the "Charlie," has been implemented at the airport with a lot of positive feedback from the public.

A uniform is the first impression a police officer makes on his watch, Hart said.

"It's the first use of force by a police officer, the officer's command presence and voice," he said.

The new look is more casual, with khaki-style pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Several types of hats will be available, including a cap style.

This style will be suitable for the officers in both winter and summer.

Hart said other department uniforms will remain as they are.

"We won't get rid of the Class A jacket uniform or the Class B, which is the most familiar uniform issue we have," he said. "But we are getting rid of some older uniforms."

The new uniforms initially will be used for training purposes or during nighttime construction and inclement weather patrols. They will be compatible with both interior and exterior bulletproof vests, Hart said. Officers have a choice of wearing either the internal or external vests.

"In our department, if you are in uniform you will have a vest on," he said. "It's very important for the safety of the officers."

The new uniforms will "POLICE" printed in large letters on the back.

Hart said he hopes the new uniforms will draw a positive reaction from the public. They will be fully implemented in a few months. The department will continue to use its more familiar uniforms during regular daytime patrols.

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