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December 26, 2013

Derry's top stories for the year 2013

Derry loses leader, elects new councilors


Chirichiello said it was a fair exchange.

“Just like every other councilor before me, all retired councilors received a gift of a rocking chair,” he said. “I have two at home so I thought I would ask that the money that would be used for my chair be used for the iPad.”

Chirichiello said he paid the difference and the town cashed his check.

White potato is tops

It became official in 2013: The white potato is tops in New Hampshire.

On June 4, Gov. Maggie Hassan signed a bill making the white potato the Granite State’s official vegetable.

The legislation followed a strenuous campaign led by local Derry Village Elementary School fourth-graders hoping to give the starchy spud its due at the state level.

Prior to the official status, students met with Derry Rep. John O’Connor, who offered lessons on how a bill was proposed and moved through the legislative process.

Derry Village teacher Amy Landry said it was a great lesson for her students to learn and they were excited to be part of the official legislative process.

Students visited the Statehouse to witness Gov. Maggie Hassan sign the bill into law.

Not in my backyard

Residents hoping to fight a proposed Dumpster Depot from moving to a facility off Ashleigh Drive put up a fight to halt the plan.

The Planning Board gave conditional approval to the plan in August, but residents began a quest to somehow stall the plan, saying the approval was illegal and Dumpster Depot would cause distress to nearby neighborhoods with smells, trash, and would cause property values to plummet.

Dumpster Depot could bring potentially 350 Dumpters to that land, something neighbors said was wrong.

With petitions and appeals in hand, residents worked hard for many months to find a way to keep Dumpster Depot away from that area of town.

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