, Derry, New Hampshire

December 19, 2013


Derry News

---- — Teachers make wish lists

For those last-minute gifts this year, East Derry Memorial Elementary School has just the thing.

The school has a holiday tree covered with paper snowmen in the lobby. Every snowman has a teacher’s name on it, along with a “wish list” item for the classroom. Anyone wanting to help support a teacher this season can take a snowman off the tree and purchase the item.

Decade of service

As Londonderry puts a new subcommittee into place to work on the town’s updated master plan, one potential member, Michael Speltz, wondered how long his “tour of duty” on the committee would be. Officials had said it could be a 10-year process.

“Can members resign and be replaced?” Speltz asked Planning Board members. “At the end of my tour of duty I will be 76 years old!”

Waving Man ready for the holidays

Derry’s “Waving Man” Robert Young continues to be remembered more than a year after his death.

A silhouette of Young has stood by his former Derry home since he died in September 2012 and is always decked out for holidays. Now, the form is wearing a festive holiday scarf and hat.

Food for thought

Every time Derry’s Go Green Committee meets, tasty and healthy treats are part of the agenda.

Members bring in various snacks that are healthy for everyone to try.

Conservation Commission member Dennis Wiley said the group is exuberant and doing great things to help keep Derry clean.

“And there is always a lot of good food,” he said. “So show up to eat if for nothing else.”

Who took Santa Claus?

The Grinch might have been in Londonderry last week.

Police were called to Button Drive for the theft of a 12-foot inflatable Santa Claus.