, Derry, New Hampshire


February 13, 2014


Past perfect

Derry town historian Richard Holmes says he has an exciting job that is always offering something new.

A sign on the wall of his municipal center office says it all when it comes to how he feels about his work.

“Here we live our life in the past lane,” the quote stated.

Meeting minutes

Londonderry Town Council’s agenda got a bit smaller Feb. 3 after a major item on the list was postponed.

Councilors did get to discuss a few other items, but were able to wrap up their business in about a half hour.

High hopes?

Two New Hampshire vanity plates recently spotted on Interstate 93 hinted of greatness or dreams thereof.

A black Mercedes sported this plate: NH-GOV. Was it Gov. Hassan?

A black Yukon bore this tag: NYPD.

Doughnuts to go

Road crews in London-derry had a tough go of it during last week’s storm.

Police received numerous calls about vehicles in the roadway impeding plowing operations.

The worst may have been a call that came in from the park-and-ride lot on Garden Lane.

“State highway reporting they’re trying to plow and there are vehicles doing donuts,” the log reported.

Save the doughnuts for breakfast, folks.

Kids add up

Residents in Derry came up with some interesting ways to help the town cut costs, especially when it comes to the school budget.

Resident Maureen Rose spoke lat the school deliberative session and suggested the town charge families a sort of head tax, based on the number of children they had.

Color guard, advance

Londonderry traditionally starts town and school deliberative sessions with a patriotic salute.

This year, the high school color guard and several band members kicked off the meeting with patriotic percussion and flag salutes.

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