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May 2, 2013

New cruisers make the grade in Londonderry

Police have new 16-vehicle fleet

LONDONDERRY — The Ford Crown Victoria, long a staple of police departments, has gone the way of the Pontiac LeMans and the Mercury Stable — out of production.

Make way for the Interceptor.

Londonderry police are among the first in the area to bring in a fleet of the new crossover Ford Explorer Interceptors, replacing the aging Crown Victorias.

Londonderry’s new 16-vehicle fleet began rolling in March. Derry police also are eyeing the Interceptor as its next vehicle.

Londonderry acting Town Manager and police Chief William Hart said the new vehicles are working out well.

“We took a look at our options and we settled on the Ford Interceptor,” Hart said.

The choice was an easy one, Hart said. The new vehicles are tops in safety and handling, in addition to being an all-wheel drive vehicle.

The new vehicles are outfitted with radios and laptop computers. They are also are more ergonomically suited for drivers, and will operate better in bad weather.

“All in all, we believe this new vehicle will provide a better, safer and more reliable vehicle for all of us and the public at a very reasonable price,” Hart said. “There are a lot of pluses for us.”

Police will enter into a three-year lease agreement as part of the town budget, which will be cost effective, Hart added.

“We were trying to minimize the cost on the community which I feel we did,” Hart said.

Money is set aside to support the costs in a police maintenance fund that is built into the police budget. According to town records, the Town Council approved a first-year lease payment for the 16 new vehicles in January at a cost of $105,000.

To help keep vehicle mileage in check, the marked cruisers will be swapped with unmarked vehicles to even out the numbers.

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