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October 25, 2012

Zoning Board grants variance for 19 condominiums

Unique lot cited as reason

LONDONDERRY — Yet another development of condominiums and complexes may soon be built; the Zoning Board of Adjustment granted a variance to allow additional two-story homes on a 10-acre site.

A potential buyer of the land at 381 Mammoth Road, Mesiti Development Corporation, came before the Zoning Board to allow single family condominiums.

Morgan Hollis of the law firm Gottesman & Hollis of Nashua made the case for his client.

“You simply cannot sell a large, expensive house in Londonderry on this lot,” Hollis said.

The piece of land was unique,he said, because it has several businesses around it, as well as residential areas.

The lawyer said building single-family homes, as opposed to condominiums or town houses, would cost far too much money and would not leave enough room for profit.

Mesiti Development needs a variance because the plans presented would be too densely populated to meet town regulations.

There was some serious deliberating among board members. Some said they believed the lot was truly unique and did deserve the variance, while others thought a variance would be problematic.

“The entrances and exits would just be an additional burden,” board member Jay Hooley said.

Hollis explained sewer and water services would be provided by the town. Additionally, he said, it would not alter the characteristics of the area, nor pose any threat to anyone in the community. Not every board member agreed.

“It definitely alters the character of the town and that is a tough intersection,” board member Neil Dunn said.

Although there is still much planning to be done and Mesiti representatives have yet to come before the Planning Board, the variance was granted, 3-2.

But the board attached some conditions. Mesiti is the only business to receive a variance on the site, the variance has a time limit and will expire in about 65 days, and a gas line must also be constructed.

Hollis said construction on the condominiums is set to begin next summer.

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