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October 18, 2012

Scouts honored for locating missing children

LONDONDERRY — Ruby Burton of Londonderry went through one of the most traumatic and horrifying experiences a mother can experience.

Burton had lost her two children with autism, Samuel, 4, and Julia, 6, when they were playing in the back yard earlier this year.

Although her children were returned safely and unharmed, Burton was frantic while she was trying to find them.

Luckily, two Boy Scouts happened to be nearby and brought the children home safely.

On Tuesday, Boy Scouts Jacob Calligandes and Trevor Davies, both of Troop 109, received the Certification of Merit for helping Burton find her children.

Jacob said he was in his back yard with Trevor, practicing with their BB guns, when they heard screaming.

It was Ruby Burton, their neighbor, searching for her two children nearby.

Burton said the two children were playing in their back yard when they both went missing.

“It was every parent’s worst nightmare,” she said.

She said Samuel is very adventerous, and does not usually respond to when called, making the situation even more frightening.

“It was getting dark out soon and I was getting worried,” she said.

Jacob and Trevor are just 12 years old, but they relied on the skills they learned in Scouting to help their frantic neighbor.

The boys immediately got a description of what the children looked like, and advised Burton to call the police.

Burton said she did not know the wooded paths and trails behind her house were so extensive.

“We both know the woods well, so we started sprinting,” Jacob said.

While Julia Burton was close by, the two had more trouble finding Burton’s son.

Thirty minutes and a half-mile later, Jacob found Samuel safe.

Burton stressed the importance of the situation and thanked the two Scouts for finding her son, who was found near a small creek.

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