, Derry, New Hampshire

March 28, 2013


Derry News

---- — Hamming it up

Derry planning officials were having fun with words recently.

During a presentation at a meeting March 20, Planning Director George Sioras mentioned the word “Windham” with extra emphasis on the second syllable.

Many people have differing views on the town’s pronunciation, including Town Administrator John Anderson, who questioned Sioras’ style.

“What road?” Anderson asked.

Sioras said, “I’m from Rhode Island, what am I going to say?”

Ditch the luxury car

Last week, Londonderry police received a report from Convenience Plus on Rockingham Road of “a group of people bothering customers for money and gas.” The subjects were reportedly in a white Lincoln Town Car. That was just before 4 p.m.

Before police could respond, the employee called back to say the people had left. About four hours later, police received another call from the store, this time about a “suspicious male in white Lincoln Town Car harassing customers for money and gas.”

Police identified the subject and they were moved along.

They might have had better luck if they had been driving a beat-up Fiesta.

Where’s the vinegar?

Apparently there aren’t any portable toilets or public restrooms on Woodbine Drive in Londonderry.

Police received a complaint from a resident who reported a jogger had just urinated on his lawn, within sight of the caller’s wife and daughter.

The “unlawful activity” was investigated, according to the police log, but no reports of whether the man who just couldn’t wait was charged.

They really like us

At a meeting March 18, Londonderry’s interim town manager Bill Hart encouraged people to go on Facebook to find out more about the town.

“Like us on Facebook,” Hart said. “There is a lot to like.”

That goes for Twitter fans, too.

“As the leading ‘twit’ in town, I encourage you to get on Twitter as well,” Hart said.