, Derry, New Hampshire

February 28, 2013


Derry News

---- — Town Council OKs health grant

Town councilors approved giving the town the go-ahead to apply for grant money that would support the Public Health Service Network.

The network facilitates regional public health emergency planning activities in Derry and several surrounding towns. Derry is the fiscal agent for the money and oversees the federal and state grants, according to Public Health Service Network coordinator Garrett Simonsen.

Derry has served as the regional sponsor for the grant since 2006. Money will help with emergency preparedness activities and services. Derry may receive u to $151,163 for fiscal years 2014 and 2015.

DHHS issues water bottle warning

The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services is recommending that people who have purchased 3-gallon or 5-gallon water bottles from Poland Spring since Nov. 1, 2012, open them and check for possible gasoline odors before using the water.

If you find a water bottle with an odor, do not drink or use the water. Instead, call your bottled water provider to make arrangements to get a replacement. If you have health concerns contact your health care provider.

Bottled water that is not in 3-gallon or 5-gallon containers is not affected by this issue.

Poland Spring issued a statement about this issue which can be found at

“This contamination is not thought to be a widespread problem, but we want to remind consumers that they should use their 3- or 5-gallon water bottles only for drinking water,” said Dr. José Montero, Director of Public Health Services. “Of course, during a disaster we need to do what is necessary to go on, but contaminated water bottles should be discarded.”

For more information about bottled water regulations in New Hampshire, visit or call 271-4589.