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February 21, 2013

Architecture students tackle cardboard contest

Local students build furniture from cardboard

DERRY — Some of these chairs might end up in someone’s dorm room.

Pinkerton Academy design students used cardboard to earn extra credit with intricate corrugated sofa and chair creations.

Students in Rolfe Voltaire’s Architecture and Design I class were offered an extra credit challenge: Create a chair or couch completely out of recycled cardboard and wood glue.

That cardboard morphed into life-sized chairs and sofas that could hold hundreds of pounds.

This is the 11th year for the cardboard chair project.

Points were given for visual design, quality and neatness of work, and even for how much weight it could support — about 150 pounds for a chair and up to 300 pounds for a sofa.

Students said they enjoyed the creativity aspect of the cardboard challenge. Some furniture was painted, some stood in its original cardboard colors.

“It is creative and fun,” junior Jacque Greazzo said of her chair with various brand logos visible. “I could sit on it and you could use all sorts of stuff.”

Jacque said she procrastinated a bit on her furniture building and ended up completing her project in about two days.

Senior Stefan Burrett said he worked with his friend Aaron Glover on their project for two weeks — a bright red sofa complete with a center pull-down arm rest.

“We tried to make it look as modern as possible,” Stefan said.

He said his sofa earned him and Aaron a first-place honor and 10 points of extra credit.

Senior Dan Avila had a simple chair design in mind for his cardboard project and hoped it would hold his weight once completed.

“I kept sitting on it to make sure,” he said.

Making cardboard furniture inspired some students to look forward to a possible architecture career later in life.

“I am going to go to Wentworth for architecture,” Stefan said.

Some students leave their creations behind after high school so future classes can see their work. Some will enter Pinkerton’s student art show in the spring.

Voltaire some furniture would end up being packed up next fall for the next adventure.

“I know a couple of kids who have taken them to college,” Voltaire said. “It’s off to the dorm.”

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