, Derry, New Hampshire


January 3, 2013

Derry schools to update freezer security

DERRY — The school district’s freezers will be getting a boost to help protect students’ food.

Business administrator Jane Simard told School Board members that the freezers in the district’s elementary and middle schools will be getting new alarms to help keep food safe and at the right temperature in case of power outages or other circumstances.

Simard said freezers had no alarms during last fall’s post-Hurricane Sandy event.

“But we lost very little food,” she said.

During that storm, several schools lost power. School staff and volunteers moved food from those schools to those with power to protect anything frozen or refrigerated.

Having the new freezer alarms will provide some added peace of mind.

“It’s just another added step,” Simard said.

She said the alarms will sense any potential changes in freezer temperature where food safety might be at risk.

Alarms will also note what the temperatures are at various times and will ensure the district’s frozen food stays cold and solid.

Simard said food service staff are very good about making sure everything is at the right temperature.

With the alarms, it’s added security plus it will help on weekends in case of a power outage. School officials would be then notified.

“It’s just another level of security,” Simard said. “We also think it will be a cost saving for us.”

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