, Derry, New Hampshire

May 16, 2012

Pinkerton hosts film industry event

By Julie Huss

DERRY — Any local filmmaker looking for a perfect location for a shot need look no farther than right here in Derry.

Pinkerton Academy hosted a meeting of the New Hampshire Film and Television Office, hoping those who make movies might consider the Derry school for possible locations for filming.

The meeting May 8 joined Pinkerton staff who teach video production at the school with regional actors, filmmakers and members of the media industry. It was all about gathering to network and share information.

Pinkerton students presented their own video projects they have been working on in the school's state-of-the-art video production facility.

Matt Newton of the NH Film and Television Office said the group likes to host meetings at different locations around the state to see what others are working on and view possible locations for movie or other film work.

"We like to network with others, see what they are working on," Newton said.

Pinkerton officials rolled out the red carpet to invite those interested in film to use the high school as a location.

"We're a 21st century-looking feel and also an 18th-century feel," said Doug Cullen, Pinkerton Career and Technical Education staffer. "There are good locations for film."

From the 1814 original Pinkerton building, now the Alumni Center, up the hill to the 1887 clock tower building, then on to the up-to-date Stockbridge Theatre, Pinkerton has it all.

"It's an amazing breadth of physical facilities you could make almost look like anything," said Chip Underhill, Pinkerton's executive director of public relations/external affairs.

With so many interesting locations to use, he said, Pinkerton could suit the movie world well.

Pinkerton students showed off their own video talents with original films created in the school's video production department.

Video staffer Chris Lord said students leave Pinkerton well prepared for what lies ahead in the field.

Students are available to help with other projects around the state, he said.

Before the night ended, all those in attendance introduced themselves and spoke on projects they were working on.

From local actors and comedians, casting directors and film officials to those looking to model in commercials, do voice-overs or just learn the ropes, the room was filled with something for everyone.

Making connections and networking with those involved in the industry is important, Film and Television Office officials said.

"And I always learn a lot," Newton said.

Film officials and visitors also enjoyed a dinner after the meeting provided by Pinkerton's culinary arts students.

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