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June 20, 2013

Pinkerton students shine in sweeping design

Pinkerton student gets a hand up from classmates

DERRY — A collaborative effort between Pinkerton Academy students and staff is giving one student a push toward success.

Matt Kuczwara, 17, is doing some serious sweeping around the Derry high school, thanks to a special tool designed and built just for him.

Matt is a student in Pinkerton’s Work-to-Learn program, a work-based learning experience designed to provide hands-on work skills for students with developmental disabilities.

The program honors not only the many students who have gone through the program since it began, but also celebrates the businesses and organizations that support Work to Learn by welcoming students for job placement opportunities.

About 20 students are part of the program at Pinkerton now, according to work transition coordinator Ken Neu said.

Students learn at their own pace in the classroom and also by acquiring skills they may someday be able to use in a real business setting.

Those students go out in the community with a coach and learn skills on the job.

Neu said it is sometimes difficult to decide what skills a certain student could do in a real life job.

In Matt’s case, he has several limitations when it comes to his arms and using a wheelchair.

Neu said he figured maybe Matt could work, with some assistance.

That’s how the assisted broom idea came to be.

Engineering, design and welding students talked to Matt, sketched a preliminary design on a napkin and then brought it to fruition.

The final design includes motorcycle-style handle grips.

“Any student in a wheelchair can use it,” Neu said. “They made it look very professional.”

After strapping the all-steel device to Matt’s arms, he can maneuver the broom and operate his wheelchair at the same time, giving him more opportunities to learn, be mobile and help his school. He uses the sweeper about three times a week.

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