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July 25, 2013


Workshop is all about monarch butterflies

NASHUA — On Aug. 14 and 15, Main Dunstable Elementary School in Nashua will host a two-day training about one of North America’s most amazing creatures, the monarch butterfly.

Monarch butterflies are found in New Hampshire, other states and southern Canada each summer. But when autumn comes, the butterflies begin a 2,000-mile journey south to Mexico where they spend the winter in dense colonies. The following spring, these monarchs return to Texas, lay their eggs on milkweed and die. Successive generations continue the migration north, bringing monarchs back to Maine each summer.

The powerful story of the monarch butterfly has inspired a network of people who are using monarchs to teach science, geography, literacy and a love of the natural world.

The two-day workshop is a combination of hands-on classroom and field experiences taught by experienced educators. Participants receive books, videos, posters, rearing cages, and educational materials showing how to rear and teach with monarchs. They also can apply for fellowship awards to participate in one-week tours of monarch winter sanctuaries and other natural sites in central California.

The Nashua workshop is open to formal and non-formal educators, naturalists, master gardeners and other interested adults.

The cost is $49. Pre-registration required. Applications and other information are available at or by calling (856) 582-7000, Ext. 128.

Londonderry teacher celebrates ‘sailor man’

Londonderry Middle School art teacher Brandon Stumpf recented filmed a video segment to honor famed sailor Popeye’s 80th anniversary in animation.

Popeye first appeared in a Betty Boop cartoon on July 13, 1933, and became an instant hit.

For the video, Stumpf played the character Fred in “Clothes Make the Sailor Man” where he has trouble deciding what to wear to a Popeye celebration.

Stumpf not only teaches art locally, but also has acting and modeling experience.

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