, Derry, New Hampshire

November 7, 2013

North School students learn Egyptian life

North third-graders study ancient history

By Julie Huss

---- — LONDONDERRY — There were scarabs and mummies, not to mention pharaohs and queens.

Third-graders at North Elementary School in Londonderry are learning all about Ancient Egypt. They took to the cafeteria one day last week to try some foods that were similar to what people might have been eating thousands of years ago.

Foods like grape juice took the place of wine, and pancakes were substituted for a more ancient form of a flatbread.

Students dressed up for the occasion, donning white mummy garb to show how a king may have been prepared for his burial.

Other students wore more regal wear to become kings and queens.

Life in Egypt continues on for the third grade on Nov. 18 when North School hosts an open house for parents to come in and see what other third-grade classes are doing as part of the historical project.

Parents will be able to view mummies, ABC Egyptian books, charts showing ancient writing and scarabs.