, Derry, New Hampshire

May 16, 2012



Monday: Popcorn chicken, ham and cheese sub, nacho chips, salad, warm cinnamon peaches, fresh fruit, chilled fruit, juice, milk.

Tuesday: Roasted chicken breast on a bun with lettuce and tomatoes, fresh fruit plate, Graham Crackers, salad, vegetable sticks with dip, fresh fruit, chilled fruit, juice, milk.

Wednesday: Cheeseburger on a bun, BLT egg salad sub, french fries, salad, corn, fresh fruit, chilled fruit, juice, milk.

Thursday: American chop suey, tuna salad sub, chef's choice, dinner roll, salad, carrots, oven browned potatoes, fresh fruit, chilled fruit, juice, milk.

Friday: Cheese pizza, chef's choice, spaghetti with garlic butter, salad, peas, fresh fruit, chilled fruit, juice, milk.


Monday: Boneless chicken wing nuggets with breadstick, chicken fajitas with lettuce, tomatoes and cheese, chef salad with breadstick, corn, applesauce, fresh fruit.

Tuesday: Pizza sticks with marinara sauce, ham and cheese sub, chef salad with crackers, french fries, fruit cocktail, fresh fruit.

Wednesday: French bread pizza, egg and cheese biscuit, chef salad with crackers, marinated bean salad, glazed fresh carrots, pineapple in juice, fresh fruit.

Thursday: Star chicken nuggets with star pretzel, turkey sub, chef salad with star pretzel, roasted seasonal vegetables, chilled pears, fresh fruit.

Friday: Thin and crispy pizza, cheese ravioli with meatballs, chef salad with crackers, sugar snap peas with dip, chilled peaches, fresh fruit.


Monday: Cosmos cheese slice, string cheese, baby carrots, fresh apple, milk.

Tuesday: Barbecue riblet, mashed potatoes, fruit cocktail, breadstick, milk.

Wednesday: Turkey and noodles, steamed mixed vegetables pear halves, dinner roll, milk.

Thursday: Cheeseburger on a bun, brown rice, salad, raisins, milk.

Friday: Popcorn chicken, cheesy rice with broccoli, apple muffin cake, milk.