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January 24, 2013

Guidance office does a booming business

DERRY — It’s one of the busiest offices on campus this time of year when college visits are common and paperwork is piling up.

The Pinkerton Academy guidance office is seeing big numbers these days as students come in to get help with their college admission applications.

For senior Kailee Trieb, 18, the process has been pretty smooth. That’s because she’s done her homework.

Trieb applied to six schools and has put her talents and money on the University of New Hampshire next fall, hoping to someday become a lawyer.

“I had specific colleges I wanted to talk to,” she said.

John Chappell and Geeta Prabhakar of Pinkerton’s guidance department said students are stopping by in big numbers to get help with their college plans, from looking for scholarships to advice on what classes they should take, or a career path.

Chappell said some students are further along in the process; others need more guidance and direction on which way to go.

Trieb was a model student when it came to the college process.

“She had an idea, we discussed it with her,” Chappell said.

Others seek more direction on what they should do.

“They are anxious, they all want to figure out what they want to become at 17,” Prabhakar said. “Some don’t have an idea. We help them figure out what they want to study. (We also tell them) it’s early and things can change.”

Pinkerton boasts a healthy number of graduates who go on to college, technical schools or community programs.

About 76 percent right now head to higher learning.

Community colleges are becoming more popular, too, when deciding what to do after high school. Chappell said the wallet often plays a big part in the final decision.

“Sometimes, they don’t want to pay the high costs,” he said.

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