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April 10, 2014

Pinkerton students plan time capsule project

DERRY — It’s about time at Pinkerton Academy.

It’s also about ways to help the Derry high school honor its 200th anniversary this year.

Student Council members are planning a time capsule to fill to celebrate the school’s birthday this year.

Ryan Cox, a Derry sophomore, said the time capsule project is an exciting way for all school groups and organizations to be part of the anniversary.

Cox said a call has gone out to the school community asking for a small trinket or photo and a description of the club or group to include in the capsule.

The items must fit into a one-gallon, zip-top plastic bag. The capsule itself may be a large plastic bin or other container, depending on whether the package is eventually buried or not.

“Or we might do something else,” Cox said, noting the capsule may also find a home elsewhere on campus and not underground.

Cox said there are rumors that other time capsules are buried on school property. He said he wasn’t sure who had the official information on those. Once the new capsule is sealed and ready, administration will get the coveted information on its whereabouts.

The plan is to open the time capsule in 50 years.

“We’ve been here for 200 years,” Student Council historian Devin McMahon said.

The Hampstead junior said it’s important to get all school groups involved in the project. She said her group has already formed a committee to decide what to contribute to the capsule.

Most likely it will be a photo collage of some special years at Pinkerton.

“I also typed up a list of Student Council activities,” she said.

What groups donate will be fun, interesting and very informative for Pinkerton’s next generation, Cox said.

He said the school may host a celebration to honor the capsule once it’s filled and placed, hopefully when the weather is warm and a perfect location is found.

“We are all pretty excited about it,” he said.

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