, Derry, New Hampshire

February 27, 2014

Derry schools take on anti-bullying mission

Local students join national anti-bullying campaign

By Julie Huss

---- — DERRY — It’s about strength, faith and standing up for yourself.

Students in Derry schools expressed strong anti-bullying sentiments and put their messages down on paper, part of a worldwide effort to bring awareness to the power of people’s words.

Simple messages written on bright red paper gave students a chance to voice their feelings last week at Pinkerton Academy, Gilbert H. Hood Middle School and other local schools.

The effort is part of the Legacy X Foundation’s “How I Look on the Outside Is How I Feel on the Inside” campaign to send important messages worldwide about the dangers of being negative and bullying.

Pinkerton Academy students spent lunchtime last week creating personal messages on paper.

Junior Devin McMahon said it was an easy way to make a difference.

“It’s making people more aware,” she said.

Bradley Smith, also a junior, said students stopped by the table and took a few minutes to show support.

“It didn’t cost any money and didn’t take much time,” he said.

By week’s end, about 400 messages had been collected.

At Hood, students spent time one day last week writing their feelings on red paper then creating a huge X in the school gym and standing on the red symbol to show their support.

Legacy X founder is Justin Spencer, a New Hampshire native and a creator of the group Recycled Percussion, now enjoying a run in Las Vegas.

Spencer began Legacy X as a way to promote fitness, anti-substance abuse, a positive goal-setting lifestyle and to educate people on how to achieve their goals.

All the bright red messages gathered from across the nation will be sent to Las Vegas to create a huge anti-bullying sign in the shape of an X.

People will come in from all over to stand on that sign on March 22 to deliver their own personal messages.

Lisa O’Rouke-Forkey is the New Hampshire Outreach contact for Legacy X and said anyone wishing to submit a bright red message on paper can do so.

“There is no geographical limit to who can participate,” she said.

For information on Legacy X, visit