, Derry, New Hampshire

October 24, 2013

Local men rescued after boat capsizes

Staff reports
Derry News

---- — SALEM, Mass. — Fishermen who happened to be passing through Salem Sound early Saturday morning rescued two New Hampshire men from an overturned boat — about 14 hours after it capsized.

Assistant Harbormaster Mark Cassoli said a boat out of Beverly called “Fishy Business” radioed the Coast Guard shortly after 7 a.m. after spotting two men on top of a homemade catamaran sailboat.

“The two guys needed no medical attention at all,” said Cassoli, who arrived at the scene soon after the rescue. “They were alert, able to communicate and were able to move under their own power.”

Cassoli said he picked up George Reynolds of Derry and Fred Schaeffer of Raymond, and transported them in his patrol boat to Winter Island, where the Harbormaster’s office is based. Medical crews were waiting to check out the men.

But they refused to be transported to the hospital and were released, he said.

“Fortunately through a lot of prayer we were rescued,” Schaeffer told WCVB-TV.

When the fishermen found the two men, they were without life jackets or any kind of communications system to radio for help.

But the men were able to hang onto their boat until they were pulled from the waters by the fishermen, according to Cassoli.

Reynolds owns the catamaran. He later told The Associated Press prayers, scripture verses and gospel songs helped them survive the harrowing ordeal.

“It was a real test of my faith,” Reynolds, of Derry, said in a telephone interview from his home. “I said, ‘Lord, whatever your will is I’m in the mercy of your hands, and if this is going to be the end I’m trusting in your mercy.’”