, Derry, New Hampshire


June 6, 2013

Council talks good behavior, upcoming goals


Councilor Tom Cardon, one of the newcomers, said he also thinks the group can work together successfully.

“I think there is always a break-in period whenever a new group gets together,” he said. “Yes, we have different personalities, but I think we can work out differences and work together.”

Councilor Mark Osborne, another newcomer, said each councilor is doing what he or she thinks is best for Derry.

“But it is unlikely that the Town Council will be voting in unison any time soon,” he said.

The Town Council hopes to put key issues back on a workshop “to-do” list for the next several months including Exit 4A, a joint meeting with the Planning Board, a discussion on a potential library merger in the future and other goals.

Fairbanks said he is still learning and appreciates the help of his colleagues.

“If I veer off course, I hope the other six get me back on course,” he said.

Osborne said it’s good to give residents a chance to hear new ideas and give them a choice about what road the town might take.

“We accomplish that end by engaging one another in vigorous, public and civil debate about our competing visions,” he said.

Osborne said he feels good that the group will move forward in a positive way. He said he is happy to be sitting where he is.

“And, nope, I’m not discouraged in the least,” he said. “I love serving, I am having a ton of fun, and I hope it shows.”

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