, Derry, New Hampshire


January 3, 2013

Derry neighbors continue to battle over dogs


Budd said he is a good pet owner. He said he has a fence and tries to make sure his animals stay on his property. He said he often takes his Corgi and Scottie to work with him; the other dogs stay in the house during the day.

“I’m a real animal lover,” Budd said. “But I think the goal is to try and take my dogs away.”

He said living on Robin Road has become almost unbearable.

“He’s always out there,” Budd said of his neighbor. “He’ll go around the neighborhood in his truck, trying to get a picture.”

The town dog ordinance says if dog owners don’t keep their animals under control they could also face the potential loss of the animal.

Budd is afraid he may someday lose his dogs.

“It just gets escalated every time,” he said.

Budd said he loves his dogs and, if the situation doesn’t improve, he may consider moving from Robin Road.

“I am so careful,” he said. “They are good dogs, they’re my kids. But this is excessive.”

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