, Derry, New Hampshire

September 27, 2012

Derry officials talk signs

By Julie Huss

---- — DERRY — The town is taking on its sign regulations, considering where they should and should not be placed.

Town councilors are making it a point to let the public know where and how they can place election signs as the general election draws closer.

At a meeting Sept. 18, councilors said people should be careful where they put their political messages.

Town Councilor Phyllis Katsakiores said she received calls when recent primary candidate signs went missing.

“A lot of people running for office were concerned their signs were disappearing,” she said.

Town Administrator John Anderson said the town will be doing more to keep track of where signs are located and when they are taken down once an election is over.

“It’s the town’s policy,” he said. “If they are on town property, they are removed.”

For the November election, the town takes it a bit further. The town will keep a log to show date and time and location when a sign is removed.

“We’ve been blamed for picking up signs when we didn’t pick up signs,” Anderson said.

Councilor Neil Wetherbee said it’s all about common sense.

“If you don’t have permission from the landowner, you shouldn’t be placing a sign,” he said. “If you haven’t banged on doors or picked up the phone, you shouldn’t be placing a sign.”

Political messages aren’t the only signs on officials’ minds.

Planning Board members are starting a review of the town’s sign ordinance and will present more information to the public in the weeks ahead.

Officials will look at ways to streamline the process for where a sign can be placed and what it should look like.