, Derry, New Hampshire


October 25, 2012

Derry lowers speed limit on Young Road

DERRY — Cars will have to move a bit slower on Young Road after residents in the area complained about excessive speeds.

The speed limit on those roads will now be lowered from 35 mph to 30 mph after town councilors voted last week to make that area of town safer.

The Highway Safety Committee heard from residents hoping for a slower speed and recommended the changes.

Young Road resident Dave Estes told councilors he saw dozens of people walking by his window on any given day with strollers and dogs.

He feared for their safety.

“It’s a very back, country road,” he said. “I’ve spent half of my waking life watching people walk up and down the road.”

Police Chief Edward Garone agreed with the changes.

“We feel this is something we should be doing,” he said. “(We had) a lot of input given by residents.”

Garone said that area of town is very densely populated and supports the reduction in speed.

Old Chester Road resident Bethany Pike told Highway Safety members she feared for children playing or standing outside waiting for the bus.

She said the area is sometimes used as a shortcut to get to other areas making for more traffic.

Estes said it’s a miracle more accidents don’t occur.

“It is crazy that people drive up and down that road,” he said.

Estes said the town’s community garden at Broadview Farm is on Young Road and gardeners spend a lot of time out there in the open space.

“I hear tires squeal,” he said. “I’m blessed there hasn’t been accidents.”

The cost to change the speed is minimal with less than $250 needed to create and install signs.

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