, Derry, New Hampshire


October 18, 2012

Derry schools rally for NECAP testing success

DERRY — It sounded more like a pep rally for a sporting event; cheers and screams floated out of the Gilbert H. Hood Middle School gym last week.

Students at the school gathered for a pep rally to kick off Hood’s New England Common Assessment Program standardized testing process.

The rally was aimed at giving students a chance to have fun while gearing up for the tests.

Students made up teams and paraded into the gym with floats with a celestial theme.

Teams sported planetary names like “Gold Galaxy,” “Team Pluto” and “Comets.”

Teachers and staff then helped students with a pajama relay and other games to prepare them for the annual testing.

The rally encouraged everyone with a motto “do your best of the test.”

Other schools in the district also planned special snacks and activities prior to the NECAP sessions.

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