, Derry, New Hampshire


December 12, 2013

Pinkerton, Hooksett continue negotiations


Adding Hooksett students would fill gaps due to slipping enrollment numbers. Pinkerton projects 3,030 students for next year.

Londonderry has its own Hooksett contingent. About 56 students are enrolled there and more are expected in the next several years after the district approved a five-year memorandum of understanding with the Hooksett district.

In Pinkerton’s case, the potential agreement would be a 10-year contract similar to what’s in place with the school’s other sending towns, Auburn, Derry, Hampstead and Chester. That’s the minimum required by the state Board of Education for this type of contract.

Littlefield said any agreement with Pinkerton would still allow Hooksett families to have choices about where to send their students.

The Hooksett School Board is scheduled to have an updated Pinkerton contract by its meeting Dec. 17.

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