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April 3, 2014

Popular Derry park to get paving upgrades

Long winter leaves fields wet this spring

DERRY — One of the town’s most popular parks will get some much needed upgrades.

Hood Park basketball and street hockey courts are on the town’s list for pavement improvements at the basketball and street hockey court areas.

The park is one of the town’s busiest, especially when people want to play basketball or join in a pickup hockey game.

Bids have gone out for patching, sealing and painting work on the 15,000-square-foot area.

The park has the only outdoor basketball courts in town. The courts get improvements every few years to patch cracks, seal and paint.

“This was something scheduled in the town’s capital improvement plan,” recreation director Eric Bodenrader said, “and included in the fiscal year 2014 budget.”

Once bids are in, Bodenrader said, more planning will take place and final cost estimates will be put in place. The project could cost $20,000.

Work at Hood could be planned for mid-June.

That would pave the way for another successful summer recreation season at the park and pond area.

The town’s parks also need some substantial drying out time following a very snowy winter. They are not alone.

Bodenrader said the town’s fields are very wet and muddy, and not ready for the busy spring baseball and other team sports season.

As teams from Derry’s Little League prepare for opening day April 19, the ground is still soggy and not quite ready for prime play.

“We’re a little behind the eight-ball getting the fields ready,” Bodenrader said.

Some field work was completed last fall, including edging and grading work that won’t have to be done this spring. But the wetness continues to be the biggest problem.

Bodenrader said the town needs a good stretch of weather to get the fields ready.

“We need a nice patch of high 50s, sun and wind, that’s the magic combination,” he said. “We just have to sit and wait and get through mud season. Now we are at the mercy of Mother Nature.”

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