, Derry, New Hampshire


November 29, 2013

This puppy face has staying power


But Brande Bradshaw of Austin thinks Bridgette, her 6-month-old cava-poo (there is no bichon in her), is the perfect dog.

“I have been blown away,” said Bradshaw, who also hired Haynes as a trainer. “She is amazing, the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen.”

Bradshaw flies frequently for her job as a technology saleswoman, and she leaves Bridgette at day care, where the 10-pounder is a favorite.

“Every time I log in, she is running around having a blast,” Bradshaw said. She sometimes feels like Bridgette has forgotten about her until pickup time, when Bridgette spots Bradshaw and “runs full-speed ahead, her tail going a million miles a minute, right into my arms.”

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